Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shell Hunting

As I sit here at my computer contemplating my first blog, I have to laugh at myself as I search for the "perfect" FIRST topic.  I have argued in my head that it needs to be an introduction of myself, a home improvement project, a cool organizing tip or maybe highlight our best family vacation.  I've scoured over other favorite blog sites trying to learn the proper set up, etiquette and how to's of blogging.  I decided to look for a photo that might help spark that "perfect" topic and I came across this shell picture I captured last year in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  As I studied the photo I instantly connected the shells to my many ideas in my head.  Some shells are small, some big, some broken, some colorful, some hidden, some just waiting to be discovered.  What I realized was that we all have a collection of shells in our grasp, it's just that each individual's selection process and journey is different from the next person.  My perfect shell may look completely opposite of yours and that is the beauty of life.  So, as I begin to hunt and peck through these many shells or topics for my blogs, I hope to connect with many of you and share my favorites and maybe not so "perfect" shells I have found along this journey called life.  

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