Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kids library

I love books and my kids love books.  We have so many children's books that we finally broke down and put two proper bookcases in K1 and K2's room.  I imagined how these pieces of furniture would change my life.  K1/K2's room would now be organized, neat and tidy. What ended up happening was that the books lived on the the shelves, but they were anything but organized. Books were getting stacked up like blocks, bent, lost in the mix, etc.  I happened to be volunteering in K1's class and took notice of how the teachers organized their in class library.  The books were put in plastic bins and organized by category. So I recreated a library at home. Our books are now organized by the following categories: pop up books, hard back books, early reader or level books, chapter books, paper back,  tv paper back (these are books based off of popular shows like Barbie or Thomas the Train), magazines, non fiction (animal, geography, planet books, etc.), and board books for K3 and K4.  The books now have a place and my kids understand where they go and how to keep them organized.  It saves us time in the evenings due to the fact that we aren't searching for one particular book for 10 minutes before bed time. I purchased the bins from target and love all the different sizes and colors they had to offer. 

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