Tuesday, April 30, 2013

American Girl Birthday Chicago Trip

This year my daughter decided to forgo the big birthday party and instead chose to invite some of her BFF's on a very special weekend trip to Chicago's American Girl.  I am not sure who had more fun in the planning process, my daughter or myself!  We designed the perfect birthday weekend and decided to share some of our journey with others since we think the entire weekend turned out pretty spectacular!  

First, we had to come up with the perfect invitation which we ended up finding at ToysRus.  We thought that it would be fun to find doll luggage and turn it into an invitation and then actually deliver the suitcases to the girls invited.  This set can be viewed/purchased at the link below...

Suitcases came with all these accessories!

After we purchased the suitcases, my daughter embellished them with American Girl Stickers which we found at Michael's .  They have a wonderful selection of American Girl crafts, stickers, treats, etc.

Next we found Matching American Girl sized matching pajamas and bought a pair for each girl.  It was fun picking out the styles for each girl.  We wrapped these up like gifts and opened them just before bedtime at the hotel.  We found these at Kohl's!

Although my daughter knew about the trip, I decided to plan a few surprises of my own.  We were planning to drive to Chicago, (4 hours) so I bought little doll treats and wrapped them up to give to the girls along the way.  We even set a timer on their ipod's and every 30 minutes the alarm would go off and it would be time for another surprise!  They LOVED it! Of course the first surprise was a treat for the mommies!  A well deserved Starbucks drive thru to stock up on our caffeine for the trip.  It was the perfect time to give the dolls their Doll Bucks which I ordered from Etsy.  These were the cutest ever!  I have listed below a few of the other treats the girls were given along the way.

Doll Sunglasses

Doll Scrapbooks to fill our along the way!

Every doll needs her very own "Coach" purse!

One of the most special gifts the girls each got was a fairy necklace.  Each one had fairy dust containers, a beautiful fairy wing and a domino with their age on it.  Their special fairies delivered these to them on the day of their trip but I have also seen some "similar" items at Michaels!

We stayed in the Omni Hotel which was perfect walking distance to the American Girl store and the Rainforest Cafe, both top destination visits for our trip.  Also, the Omni offers spacious suites that could accomodate 6 of us and the price was not astronomical!  Not to mention they also have several very special American Girl Packages that includes cookie/milk deliveries and special doll beds in the rooms.

We had the best time and I know all of us will cherish this special trip forever.  And the dolls had a pretty great time to as you can see below ;)

Hanging out at the hotel pool! 

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  1. awesome birthday! you think of every detail! the girls will remember that forever!