Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gotta Keep on Movin...

So it's been a while...like, a long while, since we have written a blog post.  There are a few reasons for that.  Last March, my hubby earned a job promotion.  Wahoo!  In another city... in another state...Sniff.  Very excited and happy for my husband and what the promotion meant for him professionally, and what it meant for our family personally.  But my heart broke just a little, for the family we were leaving behind.

 We moved to Michigan and knew no one.  Little by little, we created an extended family that were our friends.  The people we are related to will always be our family because we are bound together by our ancestors and blood.  A friend family, that is created through circumstance, chance and luck, has had an other worldly effect on my life.  I was so lucky to be shoved out of my comfort zone (though I didn't feel that way at the time) and into a place where I needed these people in my life, and "someone" put them there.  What an absolute blessing.  "Someone" (God) thought that I was special enough to have this caliber of people in my life. A lot of them. I know that I am special in my own right. But as I write this I want to recognize those that came into my life and helped to write those stories.  "Do you remember that time..." You have taught me how to be a better friend, mother, and wife. oh and wine drinker. and margarita drinker ( is it summer yet?). and cook. and entertainer.  You are some of my favorite people.  And you know who you are.

So, we moved. The process is another 4 blog posts.  Or 10.   IT WAS A PROCESS!  Shortly after our house sold, Kim T. decided that she needed to move as well.  Not to a different state, just across town.  She will tell you about that adventure.  Then, Kim M. found a house that was perfect for her family on the opposite end of town and down a gravel road :) and they moved right before Christmas. She also has some stories to tell.  

My goal this year is to write some more blogs. Help more people decorate and feature their projects here.  Also, to create some new stories, with some new friends as well as creating some new stories with old friends.

And to lose 10 pounds.
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  1. Can't wait to see and read about the fun decorating and stories of 2015! I miss your MI girls too!! Keep on bloggin' ladies! Happy 2015!