Thursday, June 27, 2013

CRAZY, with some Slang :)

Stating the obvious here, but we haven't posted in a while. 

Why you ask?  We are cra-cra busy y'all!  You would think that with summer upon us our lives would slow down and we would have a lot more time to blog on a regular basis.  Not so my dear friends.  My children were done with school June 6.  Lil Miss Peanut is a dancing diva and on the competitive team at her dance studio, so the week following school being out (which by the way is a crazy week in itself with all of the end of the year activities, ugh.) we were rehearsing for three nights until 9:30pm, followed by three nights of performances for the actual recital, until late.  It sounds as though I'm complaining...I'm not, and neither does she.  We love dance, otherwise I wouldn't put up with that craziness...yo. :)
Packed up for a night at the dance recital!

Flowers for Lil Miss Peanut aka Dancing Diva who totally rocked it at recital.  (can you tell I'm one proud mama?)

While we were amidst our crazy recital week, I was also cleaning my house, doing laundry, and last minute shopping/organizing for our annual family trip to Bethany Beach, DE.  And packing, and packing and packing.
Little Man packed his essentials: 5 swimming suits, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, his pillow pet, and a pail and shovel.  (don't worry, I made him pack his tooth brush too:)

 I did take some pics and write a blog in my head about prepping for our 10-13 hour car ride (actual time 11 hours and 25 minutes), but it never actually made it's way into my computer.  Sorry, but my brain and body were too tired.   We have another family vacation, with another long car ride ahead of us, so I'll save it for then.  Stay tuned...
Thanks for stopping by!
P.S. We also celebrated Father's day.  To all the Dad's out there, doing what you do best, I hope it was a great day!!!

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