Saturday, June 8, 2013

Five times a charm

         Look at the base of the light switch. Proof that I paint too much. Yellow, brown, cream, and red :)

I painted my kitchen last weekend for the fourth time since I moved into my home 8 years ago.  When we moved into our house it was a spec home with lots of white walls.  I have trouble when it comes to paint and commitment, but at least it is a fairly cheep way to redecorate.  Although when I paint it does lead to other redecorating.  Just ask the other Kim.... I think her total house redecorating started with painting either her kitchen or living room.  She got new furniture out of the deal, but I don't think I'll be as lucky.  Anyway, I love love love the color red and so about four years ago painted my kitchen red.  It turns out my favorite color was making me depressed because it was too dark for my space.  I have black granite counter tops and a dark back splash (which I would change but it is not high on the list of to do's).  So it only took me six months to pick out a new color and I am really happy with how it turned out.  I went with Shermin Williams Silvermist in Duration semi-gloss.  Next step is to paint the oak cabinets, courtesy of Jess.
 I liked my red but it was too dark for the space.  Lived with sample colors for a few weeks.

    After. Shermin Williams "Silvermist"

   After. Space is much brighter.

Painting Tips.
1. Buy a sample first and live with the color for a few days.  See the color during the day and night.
2.  Don't buy cheep paint.  Let me tell you why....
     - When rolling your walls you will end up with a bunch of those little clumps of
        paint. Then you have to go back and pick them off and roll over the wall again
        to smooth it out.  Good paint doesn't have those clumps or balls of dried paint in
        the can. 
     - It is more durable.  This is important when you have kids.
     - It gives better coverage.
     - Rolls on smoother.
3.  Make sure to prime if:
    - you have new construction (aka fresh drywall)
    - dark existing color
    - Primers can be tinted to your paint color.
4. Cut in first then roll
    - I have painted enough that I don't have to tape off the trim and ceiling, but if you aren't
       comfortable with that Kim and Jess say that frog tape is the best.
    - Use a 2" angle brush to trim out around ceiling, door frame, and base molding.  Do not buy 
      cheep brushes, the bristles will fall out.  If you take good care of your brushes they will last a
      really long time.  I buy the Purdy brand, you can find them at Lowe's.
   - Use a cup with a rubber band over the opening to get rid of excess paint see pic below.
5. Use a drop cloth to protect floors and keep a wet work towel handy in case of spills.

                            I use old plastic cups and a rubber band to get rid of excess paint.
Wiping off excess paint.
Trimming out ceiling.

So that's my kitchen and I hope to post pictures of painted cabinets soon.  Happy painting. 

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