Sunday, May 12, 2013

Childrens bed tent

The idea for the bed tent started with my 6 year old.  K1 (the 6 yr old) and K2 (the 3 year old) share a room and have bunk beds.  K1 is on the top bunk and was having trouble falling asleep at night because she was scared.  Every night my husband and I were having the long winded talks about how she is safe and has her brother in the room.  After weeks of this I was hitting my threshold for patience with her.  We had tried everything, even sitting in the room till she feel asleep.  One evening K1 and I were talking and she explained how she was scared because she was on the top bunk.  It was a spacial thing, she liked K2's bed because he was on the bottom bunk and it felt closed in and cozy.  K1 said that the smoke detector looked scary, there were weird shadows up high, etc.  So my hubby and I started looking for bed tents online, I checked every site I could think of.  The problem with the "tents" they sell online is that they either didn't enclose the entire length of a twin size bed or they would have been a nightmare for changing sheets.  Jessica came up with the solution.  She remembered that they had ceiling hung curtain rods at Ikea and so the bed tent came to life!!!! K1 loves the bed tent and it actually serves more than one purpose.  If K2 (the 3 yr old) needs to be in bed early, K1 can just close her tent and turn on her night light to read with out disturbing K2. The kids love playing with the bed tent and making hideouts.  Check out the pictures with how it all came together.  I need to give props to Jess for coming up with the curtain rod idea and helping me sew the fabric.  I have a sewing machine that only gets used when Jessica tells me how to use it :)  I  also have to thank my Mom for buying me the sewing machine!  Happy Mother's Day Mom.

Top bunk with bed tent closed.

Top bunk with night light on. The fabric opens and closes with ease on a rail system.

You can completely open or close the fabric.

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  1. Hi! I love what you did for your daughters bed!! I have had this idea for my son's bed for quite some time but I didn't really know how to go about doing it. How much did it cost you for everything but the fabric? and can you specifically tell me what all items you needed ? thank you so much!!! can you email me at (and then can you delete this comment so I don't get spammed lol) :)