Monday, May 13, 2013

Container Addict!

 I have to admit it. I have a serious addiction.  I can not stop buying organizers.  I love containers....every shape, every size, every color.  I am constantly rearranging and reorganizing!  I thought I would share with you my latest craft supply container makeover.  First, I will give you a little background information.  My kids are always creating, which I love.  With the creating comes a lot of "stuff".  In the beginning, I bought a cabinet to hold the "stuff".  But then everyone stopped creating.
(Insert sad face here)

Out of Sight, Out of Mind!
   So, my next plan was to buy a really fun distressed, vintage looking table top container for my farmhouse style kitchen table.  This would surely fix the problem.  A stylish container filled with several small silver containers that were bursting with gluesticks, paint, crayons, markers and supplies galore.  And the beauty of it was it could just stay out in plain sight!

This worked for a long time and the creations came back to life again!

Can you see my table???  It is under there!  

BUT......eventually, I wanted my table back!!!We were constantly moving the container to eat and shuffled it frequently around the kitchen.  There had to be a better way!  Off to Homegoods I search of the next best storage solution!  And of course, Homegoods never disappoints!  I found this amazing wall mounted shelf....

  I hung it up on the wall and then bought some cute Martha Stewart labels at Michaels.  I labeled my silver tins that were already purchased for the previous table top container and transported them to their new location, the wall shelf.

Finally,  I have now managed the perfect balance of keeping the supplies out and easily reachable, but am not interfering with any of my living space.  Plus, it is a very fun decoration too! I am in love with this arrangement.... so far...until just maybe...I stumble across...the next best container :)
My Finished product! Ta Da!

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