Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Project Progress-Master Bathroom

Last time we talked, I was in the middle of a lot of projects around my home.  One of those projects was making a decision about what color to paint the master bathroom.
Remember this?
 And this....
Well, it has become a full blown makeover/facelift for my master bathroom.  I have jumped in with two feet and after a week of hard work, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  First, I had to make the decision about the paint color.  I chose Kentucky Haze by Benjamin Moore in the Aqua Pearl.  I love Benjamin Moore!!! and Aqua Pearl is perfect in bathrooms and kitchens.  It's pricey, but so worth it.  I love being able to easily clean the walls (when I clean...which isn't very often...but when I do it makes it easier :)
I couldn't just stop there...I have been wanting to paint my oak cabinets, which are in my kitchen, powder room, master bath, and kids bath.  Countless people have told me, don't do it, you'll ruin it, you need a professional...blah, blah, blah.   Did I listen to the naysayers? 
in the middle of painting...
But I rarely listen to people when I know I'm right! (bwahahaha)
(I do...listen to people...I'm really very nice, which is not reflected in the above statement, so laugh along with me)
...and, I am right, the primer is a bonding primer and when I tried to scratch it off, as a test, it didn't.
 Sorry for the mess...it's all part of the creative process.  I will post a tutorial about products I used and the process soon.  But on to the other progress made in the master...
We hung shower rods, a mirror I bought at Home Goods, and my hubby surprised me on mother's day with a pretty exhaust fan to replace this...

 For the record, I do not care for the shape of this type of ceiling fixture...but it's better than the square builder grade fan we have, so I am happy!  Bob the Builder is coming later today to install it. (yes, that's my handy man's name:)  
I'm off to clean the master bathroom and put a second coat of paint on the vanity...soon, very soon, I will be able to reveal to all of you lovely people my shiny new bathroom!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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